¡´Lactarome® - Introduction

Lactarome R is an innovative product developed by our company to satisfy the various need of the food industry. It has been a big topic for the food ingredients industry to develop ingredients that can improve the taste and aroma of milk. The demand is obvious in countries that are short of fresh milk supply or their quality of fresh milk is poor. There are still other reasons such as to standardize their milk quality due to seasonal effects or farms variations. The recent consumer health awareness that leads to strong market demand of low fat milk has added to the urgent need of such product to make low fat milk taste as creamy and rich as whole milk. For other technical reasons, when milk or milk powder is being used at a high level in some food products, the problem of whey off, milk protein coagulation etc. is always challenge for the food technologist. By reducing the amount of milk in the formulation is in most cases the final solution to the problem with the dilemma that they have to sacrifice the taste and body of their product.

Although there are a few approaches trying to satisfy these demands, none of them can satisfactory resolve the issue. In a lot of case, most of these ingredients do not function as they claimed. In some cases, some ingredient does improve body but not taste of milk. Their usage rate is too high and its in use cost becomes too expensive to be practical. In some case, it improves the aroma but not the body that makes final product taste too ¡§watery' or ¡§artificial¡¨.