¡´ About Wellnow Logo

¡¯ The blooming of ¡§Food Science Flower¡¨

•  Name our logo ¡§Food Science Flower¡¨ to symbolize our company ideals and ambitions.

•  Declare our prospects-internal constantly progress and achieve the innovative scale of food technology.

¡¯ The figure of ¡§Food Science Flower¡¨

•  The shape of ¡§Food Science Flower¡¨, which symbolizes the image of flowers of natural plants evolved from the first alphabet of ¡§Wellnow¡¨. The central indentation symbolizes a test tube of bio-tech lab, thus to characterize the high technology representation of ¡§Food Science Flower¡¨.

•  ¡§Food Science Flower¡¨ is composed with three up-growing petals. Based on the left ¡§Technology¡¨ petal, it breeds the two right petals ¡V ¡§Nature¡¨ & ¡§Nutrition¡¨. Three of them converge toward one end, which means ¡§Technology¡¨, ¡§Nature¡¨, and ¡§Nutrition¡¨ complement to each other. Roots deep downward, and grows high above, representing the sustained growing and prosperity of Wellnow.