CEO comment:
¡§Health & Technologies¡¨ has been and will be more so the trends for the food and beverage industry for the 21 st century. Innovations with health appeal provide consumers with varieties and satisfaction of being healthy. They are the momentum of the business and has always been the focus of our R&D team.

And to cope with the fast-changing e-era of the 21 st century, we have introduced our ¡§4-e¡¨ policy : ¡§Efficiency¡¨, ¡§Elasticity¡¨, ¡§Excellency¡¨, ¡§Economy¡¨, to service our Taiwan and China customers. We are highly ¡§Efficient¡¨ in meeting customers' needs for samples and orders, highly ¡§Elastic¡¨ in quantity requirements, and provide ¡§Excellent¡¨ quality products at ¡§Economic¡¨ prices.

With experienced sales team and world wide sources of information and supplies, we are confident we will stand out in the highly competitive marketplace to meet the challenge ahead of us.